#4234 – mary hip-hoppins

hm… i think i know why butler, shine, and stern was so in a hurry to license my photo – the winter auto-show season is coming up in a month or less. i’m going to go to the dc auto show in january, not only to see the cars but to also get some photos.

did i ever say that i love google calendar? well, i do… i’d be lost without it. i’ve got calendars for:

  • personal events and reminders
  • the baltimore orioles’ game/event schedule
  • dc metro minis events
  • fraternity events
  • my work schedule

    today wasn’t that bad of a day when i got to work, even though i missed those first hours and had to just do the second half of the day instead. i arrived for my noon – 4pm shift, but we had a team meeting from 3-4pm, so i only really had to do actual work from noon to 3pm. not bad.

    after work i went out grocery shopping and bought a ton of stuff. at least now i can be bringing breakfast and lunch with me to work and save money that way. i usually have oatmeal at work in the morning, but now that i’ve got 2 boxes of giant-brand instant oatmeal for $4.00, i’ve now got two weeks’ worth of breakfast for $4.00. marvel at my thriftiness!

    even so, extra money would still be nice. i may be doing a photoshoot for cash at some time this weekend – one of the higher-ups at work saw my photos all over my desk and was surprised when my manager told him that i had taken these pictures myself, and i gave him a link to my online portfolio. he came to me the next day and said that for his christmas cards, he and his wife/girlfriend/whoever and their dogs go up to rehoboth beach in delaware where there’s one part that allows dogs, and they set up a camera on a tripod and take some photos for their christmas card. he asked if i’d be interested in taking photos for that this weekend and i said sure… i need to call him tomorrow if he doesn’t stop by my cubicle to see if he’s still planning on doing it this weekend.

    after all that shopping i was kind of in the mood to get out and about, so i called up bruno_boy and zenmetsu and we made plans to meet up in columbia; we started out at a borders bookstore and made our way to mcdonald’s for food. they were playing some really bizarre music in there… one of the songs was a hip-hop song that sampled “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from mary poppins. after we left, dave said that he wanted to find out who performed that song, and i said it must have been done by “mary hip-hoppins” and was shunned for my pun. 🙁