#4231 – typical


Not only can I drink a whole lot, but I play 23 different instruments too and I don’t even know how to read music. Self-taught, you know. Couldnt tell it, though, to hear me play.

When I play and sway in rhythm to the catchy little tunes that I know, girls for five miles around get hot pants for me – hot-cha!

Last night was pretty good for a Wednesday. We got ten requests for… we got ‘Bill Bailey’, and we played them all and we got seven people came up for the twist contest. I gave away a box with two small bottles of champagne imported from Europe (heh), and kissed the girl who won, and shook hands with the guy she was with. He didnt mind when I kissed her because I’m important.

if i had the money, i’d seriously buy up all these used instruments to try to learn to play them. reading the craigslist musical instrument classified section is fascinating to see what types of instruments people sell that you could potentially own. i mean, how cool would it be to just happen to own a cello? some groups can’t even get one of those.

so monday i worked my overtime at the circuit city kiosk, and we were boredddd. i think we helped out only 5 or 6 people the entire time i was there…

  • lady wanted to know if her phone would roam in india (it would.)
  • girl wanted to know how to turn the speakerphone on her phone (push a certain button when in a call.)
  • man wanted a case for his phone from sprint (we don’t have those.)
  • man wanted a home charger for his phone (i helped him find that.)
  • woman showed up 10-15 minutes before close to upgrade two phones (typical.)

    because that lady showed up so close to closing, we didn’t get out until 10:30pm (i was scheduled for 6-10pm, but i wasn’t going to desert the only person at the kiosk when i know closing procedures, so i stayed that extra half-hour out of the goodness of my heart even though this 4 hour shift plus the 4 hour overtime shift the next day would be my maximum of 8 hours overtime and i wouldn’t be paid).

    well, wouldn’t you know that yesterday i woke up 7 minutes before i was supposed to be at work? i was going to rush to get there but i figured “well, i’m going to be late no matter what”, so i took my time and had a leisurely shower and got dressed and took my time going to work. no matter if you’re arriving at 7:05 or 7:35 you’re still late. i arrived at work 30 minutes after my shift started, so i guess that evens out with that staying 30 minutes extra… too bad even though i still make the 48 hours of work this week, i’m going to get dinged for being late even though i stayed that extra 30 minutes out of the goodness of my heart the night before. typical.

    when i had got back from work on monday night i cooked up some spaghetti and sauce and chicken, and for once i decided to think ahead and to cook a little extra that i could bring to work for lunch on tuesday. i brought my chicken and spaghetti with me to work on tuesday only to find out that since we had surpassed 200,000 new federal customers for 2006 (our goal for the year) that we were getting a free lunch. what was the free lunch? italian food… meaning i got chicken parmesan and spaghetti and sauce for free… practically the same thing that i had brought from home. typical.

    went to the kiosk to do yesterday’s overtime and apparently they were even slower than the day before – when i had arrived at 6 pm they had said that they had sold “a battery”. that was it. we had one lady upgrade her phone later, but that was really it. nothing much to do at that location, so we talked with the guys from the car audio section next to our kiosk about their gang traditions. at least that night we got out at 10 pm, though. not that it made much difference since i missed one of my exits on the way back (i was on 83 south and needed to take interstate 70, but ended up taking 83 all the way into baltimore) and so i still didn’t get back any earlier than i did the night before. that really sucked because i still had to do my online class assignments for the week, and the deadline for turning in a quiz for my statistics class went by while i was working on it and i wasn’t able to turn it in. phooey. moral of the story: don’t miss your exit or you will fail a quiz.

    today was nothing special at work. had previously transferred about 70 lines of service from separate accounts into one main account, and so today i had to deal with all these credit balance transfers from the accounts into the one main account… very monotonous. i told the supervisor in charge of the overtime about staying 30 minutes later than scheduled on that first day and she said i could have just come to my second overtime shift 30 minutes later to balance it out and i said “well, funny you should say that…” and told her all about waking up late.

    we also were able to start picking our days we want to have off for 2007 – i scheduled myself off for a dentist appointment in february (i was just going to come in late, but i figured “who wants to come in late for the second half of their shift on a friday??” and decided to have a 3-day weekend instead), opening day at oriole park, the beginning of may for “minis on the dragon”, and my birthday. i’ve got no other vacation plans quite yet.

    tomorrow is payday, and it’s also friday eve!

    hm. and i still need to make a christmas wish list.