#4227 – wa-who!!

i was riding home from doing overtime in a circuit city kiosk (SOOO BORING) when the dj on the radio said “BIG NEWS ABOUT THE WHO COMING UP!”

i rushed home to get my radio recording on (since they’re also doing a “perfect album side” hour where people can call in to request their favorite songs by a particular band, and guess who they’re doing tonight :P), and though my radio receiver is so static-y i can barely hear the music, i DID hear the dj say that the who are coming to washington dc on march 8, 2007! hooray!! tickets go on sale on this saturday! yay! i’ll have to tell one of my supervisors about it – i told her about the concert the other day and she got really excited and said she’d have to see them too.

now to get some dinner. sitting around doing nothing for 4 hours (we had a total of only 4 or 5 customers / people ask us questions) for that ENTIRE time. it was an ordeal… and i get to do it again tomorrow! yay overtime.

…yeah yeah, i’ll try to shut up about the who now. bunch of haters. 😛