#4227 – fabiowned

oboe_sama: hahahaha, jay leno is hilarious tonight

jen: yeah?

oboe_sama: they’re doing “deal or no deal” with the armed forces

jen: lol

oboe_sama: except it’s a little different – they ask a person from each branch of the armed forces a trivia question, and all of the prizes keep getting better and better each time

oboe_sama: and if they turn it down they go to the next prize

oboe_sama: prize #1 was a kevin federline cd

jen: HA

oboe_sama: #2 was turkey and cranberry sauce

oboe_sama: #3 was a shredder

jen: for the cd

oboe_sama: #4 was dinner with fabio

oboe_sama: #5 was an ipod

oboe_sama: and the “gold case” which was the best prize was everything

oboe_sama: hahahahaha

jen: lol

jen: ouch – if i were fabio, i would be burned

jen: lol

oboe_sama: and all of the trivia questions were things like they’d show a picture of uncle sam and ask if it was a. uncle sam, b. uncle ben, or c. uncle kracker

oboe_sama: hahahaha

jen: he is worth less than an ipod

oboe_sama: hahahahah