#4226 – thanksgiving

Blue Steel

(aunt ellen was in the middle of saying “blue steel” and “magnum” a la zoolander when feisty_fitz got this photo of me, bahahaha)

i’m very pleased with the photos i took of the family for dinner. we went to our aunt and uncle’s place for dinner with my mom’s side of the family (my aunt claire and uncle steve and their family weren’t there; i guess they’re away with uncle steve’s family in ohio).

uncle jack and aunt ellen cooked the turkey:

Dan and Uncle Jack

…and different families brought different vittles:

Kelly's Plate

go here to see all the photos if you’d like – they all came out very well! i’m very pleased. plus, if you click through to see all the photos, you get to see feisty_fitz with a funny face in this handy icon-sized picture:


bahahahahaha 😀 so how was your thanksgiving / thursday?