#4224 – book signings

so, i met steve wozniak! he seems to be a very nice guy, the sort that you’d just want to hang out with and have some chuckles over a few beers.

matt, one of my fraternity brothers (on the right) now works at apple, so he came with me and got his copy of woz’s autobiography signed by the author.

i wish though that i had remembered to turn on my battery box for my microphone. 🙁 it was a very entertaining presentation that woz did, and i really wish i had a copy of it. all i got was an hour and a half of silence. sadness!

but at least i got my own little souvenir – remember how i was excited about thinking up something to have signed? i had one of my $2 bills autographed!


i was originally going to have the best quality $2 bill i had on hand autographed, but after looking at the serial numbers on the ones i had, i figured that 23334555 was the best fake-looking serial number and had him sign this one instead.

here’s why I had him sign a fake-looking $2 bill. he was upset that he forgot to have this story put into his book, but we still had a good chuckle over this joke!

also, i wish that i was in los angeles / hollywood on december 17; i’ve been personally invited to dinner with a rock musician / actor / hollywood producer. so what if it’s a book signing / pot-luck dinner? he just wrote a cookbook and wants people to try recipes from his finished book. me travelling across the country is a bit over-the-top for a pot-luck dinner, don’t you think? wahh, more sadness!