#4221 – powerchord #2

i need some input.

before you click through to the lj-cut, i want you to start to think about some of your favorite bands/musicians. you don’t have to answer these all from the same group, and if you don’t know who it is for a particular group or album or whatever then just name the group or album instead of the actual person. they can be from any point and time, they don’t have to be living. if someone does multiple things especially well it’s ok to list them more than once. some of these are going to be a little more difficult than others, but try to answer as many as you can – i’ve got a project in mind…

for each of these, name someone who you feel is especially talented and/or well-known, or whoever first comes to mind (like a word association!):

(and just to simplify things, “rhythm guitarist, or one who may not be known for solos” can mean “name any other guitarist”)