#4219 – powerchord

even though my mood is “sleepy”, i haven’t felt “sleepy”, but my eyes have been bothering me all day as if they just want to stay closed. i’m not tired, but i feel like i could take a nap, but why bother if i’m not tired? besides, i’m hungry and need to find a recipe for something i can chicken up. i feel like chicken tonight.

i was signed up for working overtime in the stores over the next few weeks; i’m going to be working with one of my friends i went through initial wireless with, but i got her location wrong for the first two days of overtime – i thought she was at the circuit city in towson. oh well. at least we’ll be partying it up like rockstars at the kiosk in towson town center the rest of the time. i’m going to be doing overtime from 6-10 pm on 11/27, 11/28, 12/4, 12/5, 12/12, 12/18, and 12/19. i figure i can use the money.

speaking of using the money, howl at the moon is hiring for door hosts – i’m going to apply for kicks, since i figure i’m there one weekend out of every month anyway. besides, i’ve already got experience in being a door host from back when i was a greeter in the stores, hahahaha. at the very least i updated my resumé since it hadn’t been updated since 3/2005.

i’ve got an idea for a new “best of the badass” competition… i’ll have to run it by bruno_boy and see if he has any good ideas to add onto it.