#4214 – i'm sick of cell phones

i want a new job. 🙁

my job is easy enough, it pays well, has great benefits… i’m just sick of cell phones. plus, some things are getting a little too mickey-mouse for my taste; it seems like it’s always our team that’s the one that gets dumped on.

besides, i’d like something more creative. there’s not much creativity in writing:

Dear John Smith,

Thank you for contacting the Federal Account Maintenance Team for Verizon Wireless. We have received your request to change your price plan, and we are happy to assist you. Please be aware that the plan for the mobile number 404-555-1212 has been changed to the America’s Choice for Business Share price plan with 450 peak minutes shared, unlimited night & weekend minutes, and unlimited in-network calling for $44.99 per month less a 19% discount. Please note that you will be billed a prorated month’s allowance from the beginning of your billing cycle through today’s date on your previous price plan, and from today’s date through the end of your billing cycle under your new price plan.

Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.


Glenn Fitzpatrick

Federal Account Support Team

Verizon Wireless

i mean, i just typed up all of that from memory – that’s generally what i end up typing ~20 times every day! i’m tired of cell phones and tired of being a robot. i want something new and more creative, and more money to help me pay off these debts would be nice too.

that’s the thing that sucks… it’s too comfortable of a job for me to really resolve to leave asap.