#4204 – how random

note the biographies on; here is a lesson on how to read between the lines:

“married to nate haskell” is in big, bold letters to say “SORRY GLENN, SHE’S TAKEN.”

on the other hand, “engaged” is in small, normal-sized print to say “YES GLENN YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE.”

the end.


text message:

From: Ben Fulcher

Nov 14, 4:57 pm

guns don’t kill people. People with mustaches kill people

To: Ben Fulcher

Sent: Nov 14, 5:00 pm / Delivered: Nov 14, 5:00 pm

Ha barbershop quartets are gangs

(i personally like how the wikipedia entry for “handlebar mustache” has mr. boh listed as being famous for his mustache, bahahaha”


there was a sign on old gunpowder road on the way back to the apartment that said “POLICE ADVISORY: AIR BAG THEFTS ON RISE IN THIS AREA. SECURE YOUR VEHICLE.”


work is starting to have holiday overtime for people who want to volunteer in target, best buy, or costco assisting with cell phones; i may sign up since i can use the money and it’d be ~$100 for a 4-hour shift. hrm.