#4200 – domino's pizza probably hates me now

Order Summary

  • 1 Large(14″) Hand-tossed Pizza, Whole: Cheese, Sauce, Pepperoni, Bacon $10.37
  • 1 Large(14″) Hand-tossed Pizza, Whole: Cheese, Sauce, Left: Black Olives, Right: Mushrooms $10.37
  • 1 8-piece Breadsticks $2.58
  • 1 10-piece Chicken Kickers $5.19
  • 1 2-Liter Coke $1.48
  • 1 2-Liter Diet Coke $1.99
  • 1 Side Blue Cheese $0.50
  • 1 Side Hot Dipping Sauce Cup $0.50

    Coupon: 2 Large 2 Topping Pizzas, your choice of 1 Bread side item, 1 Chicken side item and a 2-liter of Coca-Cola $29.99

    Subtotal: $32.98

    Tax: $1.70

    Delivery: $1.00

    Total: $35.68

    bruno_boy, mytinyworld, and i ordered a pizza (you probably remember it) and other trimmings on november 3rd as above; when the driver arrived, he told us that they were out of chicken kickers and so the manager was going to place a note on my account in their computer for a $15.00 credit. william and dave and i thought this was a fantastic deal since the chicken kickers cost only about a third of that.

    fast forward to tonight; i’m broke, no money, and hungry. i’ve got burgers, but after burgers last night (and one of them tasted a little funny) i was not in the mood for more burgers. figuring if i had a pizza i could bring some slices of it with me to work tomorrow for lunch, i decided to use that $15.00 credit, and placed an order as follows:

    Customer Info

    Name on Order: Glenn Fitzpatrick

    Callback Phone #: 443-xxx-xxxx

    Special Instructions: Using $15 acct credit to pay

    Pickup Time: Approximately 15-20 minutes

    Your Domino’s Store (#6067)

    15530 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866


    Off Old Columbia Pike next to Chapala’s

    Order Summary

  • 1 Medium(12″) Hand-tossed Pizza, Whole: Cheese, Sauce, Pepperoni, Bacon $11.57
  • 1 2-Liter Coke $1.99

    Subtotal: $13.56

    Tax: $0.68

    Delivery: $0.00

    Total: $14.24

    note the special instructions i placed on the order.

    since i’m broke i figured that i’d pick it up on my way home from school so i wouldn’t have to tip, so i placed the order online from school where i was at my fraternity meeting. along the way home they called me up to say that they were closed for pickups but they could deliver it to my apartment; i said that’d be fine and zoomed home so i could be there when the driver arrived.

    i got stuck behind the slowest car ever on the way back to the apartment when i was on a one-lane road, and the delivery guy was there when i arrived. i apologized that i didn’t have anything for a tip and he said that was fine and stood there looking at me. i explained how i had noted that i’d be paying with my $15 account credit, and after he read it off of the delivery sticker he gave me the pizza. i felt bad for him that he had to drive out here and that i didn’t have anything to tip him with, but he probably would have been insulted to get the 40¢ i had in my pocket.

    so i’m getting my eat on and it’s now about 15 minutes or so since i got the pizza, and the store calls me up:

    me: “hello?”

    store: “hi, you placed an order for a pizza? the driver said that you told him you were using a $15 credit to pay for it?”

    me: “yeah, i had placed an order on the 3rd with a coupon for two 2-topping large pizzas with chicken kickers and a soda, and when the driver brought it he said that because there weren’t any more chicken kickers left that the manager was going to note my account for a $15 credit, so i made note of that on my order when i placed it tonight.”

    store: “yeah, but for the driver to tell you that, that’s basically nothing… i mean, in order to get the credit it has to be put into the computer by one of the managers, that’s us…”

    me: “that’s what he told me, he said that the manager was placing it in to the computer there for my account. i’ve got my receipt of the order if you want…”

    store: “no, that’s ok. you said it was the 3rd?”

    me: “yeah, november 3rd.”

    store: “ok, thank you.”

    now i don’t know what to feel! happy that i’ve got my food? sad that i couldn’t tip the driver? annoyed that they think i’m probably trying to scam a pizza? irritated that the manager didn’t note my account properly before? GAH! maybe the driver before just got a bit peckish and ate the chickens! hmmm.

    i mean, if you were working at a pizza place, and you get an order that says “$15 credit being used to pay for pizza”, wouldn’t you check to see if there’s a credit for that amount on the account? and if you were curious about it, wouldn’t you call before sending the driver out to see what the scoop was? they didn’t mention it when they called to tell me that they were closed for pickups. harumph.