#4197 – america drinks and goes home

so, last night i won a “prize” – a bucket of booze! i think it was rum ‘n coke. at least that’s what it tasted like!


how, you ask? well, like old-timey radio, you’ll have to use your imagination (i was pole #3; the comment at the end about “wow, that doesn’t usually happen until later in the evening” was about my shirt coming off, bahaha).

i brought my microphone along to do more experimenting with live stealth recording; i think i’ve got the settings all squared away now after this recording session… i’ll try one more time when i go back to howl at the moon on friday as part of my coworker’s happy hour that she won. it seemed to me that setting the microphone input to line-in was too quiet even with the battery box supplying power to the microphones, so for 99% of this recording i had it set to the microphone mode so that it boosted the signal. the problem is, because the signal was being boosted, the audio clips like crazy. in that 1% that i didn’t use that setting and had it set for line-in, it turns out perfect (or perfect enough that i can boost the levels afterwards without clipping, since it would turn out like the ending of “laid”, or at the ending of my recording of “the civil war”). so, i’ll try it on only the line-in setting instead.

it’s pretty funny now when i go there the piano players recognize me in the audience and singled me out during the performance even before i was jumping up on stage, hahaha… anyway, out of their songs, there’s more than a few references to me:

3. “there’s a former ranger smith in the audience…”

4. “this guy don’t need any shots, i can guarantee you that…”

19. the whole song, especially the “that is a talented guy right there” ending

28. the girls on stage requested that i come up for this song with the piano player quipping “local celebrity returns!”

?. singled out as “austin powers”

50. singled out on stage as “harry potter”

there may have been one or two other references, but those are the ones that i could most easily remember and find.

also, you NEED to listen and use your imagination to guess at what the girl and i were doing when i was recruited by the piano player to be on stage during “fuck her gently” that earned us a standing ovation at the end, bahahahahahahaha… she does say that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, so perhaps i’ll put up a missed connection ad on craigslist, bahahah…

other chuckles:

  • zenmetsu and i cracked up when someone brought up a 25¢ tip and the piano player said “here’s a quarter, call someone who cares… no, wait, let’s play some 50-cent!”
  • during “don’t stop believing” you hear this random girl belt out “SING, GODDAMIT!!”
  • my ol’ coworker ben got a video of me during one of the songs (i can’t remember which) where the piano player said “i think the patrons of the bar want to see this guy with his shirt off (nevermind that i had taken it off earlier in the night to win the bucket of booze); shirt came off and ben got a video… the BEST part of the video is when you see this girl come charging on stage at me, it absolutely cracks me up each time i see that part, bahahaahahhaahhaha

    also, if you’ve been with our group there before, there was actually two unique songs where audience members were singing and/or playing on stage: “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one” with guest vocalist, bass, and drums, and “simple man” with guest piano and vocals

    and if you’ve never been there before, well, now you know what it’s like at this place where i keep winning these happy hours. now to wait for HatM #6!