#4193 – thing to do before i die #13

i need to go to new york city, and walk into the building at 1790 broadway, head to floor #21, and ask to speak to the general manager of esquire magazine. when i get to see him, i’ll get to say “hi, glenn fitzpatrick. i’m glenn fitzpatrick. pleased to meet myself!”

from “101 things to do before you die”:

Meet Someone With Your Own Name
Unless you have an incredibly unusual name, out of a population of 6 billion there has to be someone else out there with the same name as you.

You’re out there somewhere. You’re an actor, a doctor, a newborn baby all at the same time. You’ve seen your name at the end of movies, in the ‘births, marriages and deaths’ pages in the paper. These people are using your name to get ahead in their lives and careers. It’s time you met up with them and had a word.

(even though i already know that i’m a volunteer fire captain for the local fire department)