#4184 – 3 strikes

last night i went back to annapolis so i could vote; stueypark saw me at the polls, but i was so impressed at not having any wait to get in or out that i skeedaddled before he could get to me and i didn’t notice him at all. oh well.

ordered pizza at home (yay 2 for tuesday deal at domino’s where i get to keep the leftovers!) and watched the election results on cnn. eventually, after the pizza arrived, mom complained how even watching the cnn poll results was boring so i found a classic orioles game on tv (o’s vs. white sox, ALCS game 1, 1983) and dad and i watched that.

eventually i left around 9 pm to see my ol’ coworker linwood play his jazz piano at this nice restaurant / bar in town called “dominica’s”. he used to have his band play at a different bar in town on wednesday nights, but now i think he’s just got this solo act. it was pretty nice, and there wasn’t more than a handful of other people in the bar other than myself and the two or three coworkers who were there at any one time. afterwards i went back home to get my stuff and the pizza and brought it back to the apartment.

this morning i woke up too late to take a shower and was running a little bit late out the door. i called into work and used flex-time since i was going to be just a few minutes late to work. on the way there in the car i realized i had left my id badge on my desk and so had to get a temporary badge for the day. after that, my computer wouldn’t let me log in. i figured at this point it was 3 strikes (woke up late, no badge, computer won’t let me in) and i might as well go back home to bed. i would have if i could, too. at least i found a 4-leaf clover pressed in the pages of a book i brought to work with me to read, so i guess that counteracts the bad luck i got when my umbrella opened up inside the building.

came back to the apartment after work to find two maintenance guys and festive going over some of the still-busted stuff in the apartment; finally, my toilet no longer runs constantly!! yay!! and my closet door closes!! and our electrical outlet covers aren’t loose!! and one of the outlets no longer sparks when you plug things in!! and our dryer has a lint trap without any bad holes in the mesh!! i know, isn’t it exciting??

plan for tomorrow: learn the sport of curling.