#4175 – single mother syndrome

mom’s still trying to hook me up with a single mother coworker of hers in her late 20s; her coworker said that she wouldn’t want to be going out with me as long as my mom was working in their office (my mom’s a temp there, though she’s been a temp there for 6 or 7 months now), and mom said that was fine and that her coworker can wait until her temp job is finished.

to quote a friend of mine: “i don’t have any problem with going out with girls that have kids; the kid and i get along fine. the problem is that i’m too much of a kid myself and soon she’d have two kids to take care of…”

in other news: YAY MY MICROPHONE ARRIVED TODAY! and the cable is much longer than i expected, but so far the quality is very good. i need to do some experimenting with the microphone and the autogain option for my ipod’s microphone attachment (the autogain is supposed to be off with powered microphones) to prevent hiss in the recording. i also found and it’s got some good tips and hints and info too. makes me want to go find some more live concerts to sneak. i’d like to get an external battery for my ipod so i can increase the battery life; the hard drive being accessed constantly is a real drain on the battery. i also cracked up when i saw this exchange on the forum:

“I recorded a stand up comedian last night and the recording seems to be full of hiss even though my levels were up enough.”

“maybe the comic sucked and the hiss is actually the crowd.”

bahhahahaha XD