Brightwater Design, Inc.

Brightwater Design, Inc.

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Greetings –

Hopefully, this was worth the wait!

I’m attaching a small jpg of the montage installation. This is the front view. The finished piece measures 24″ x 36″.

All photos are printed on a large single sheet of paper and the non-photo areas are cut away. Then, this is sandwiched between two pieces of clear plexiglass and suspended 1″ from the wall by cables. Directly behind the plexiglass encased photos is a wall-mounted image of the Earth. The piece is to be installed in our client’s Louisville office.

On behalf of Brightwater Design, we’d like to express our thanks once again for all your help in this project! You patience is most appreciated, and please keep up the great photography!

Alex Granado
Lois Brightwater