#4163 – sneakies en regalia

boo: my microphone has not yet arrived (i drove home before heading to dc for the concert tonight); i emailed the guy who’s making/sending it to me to find out if he had a tracking number or something so i could see where it is. i hope it arrives soon, i want to play with it!

i called the warner theater to find out if they’d let me bring my camera in (like i said, good luck trying to get good shots from the mid-balcony, but it’d be fun) and they said “no”. double-boo. at least they were playing “peaches en regalia” while i was on hold, ha!

yay: at least i can use my ipod-recording device to record anyways since it’s got a microphone built in! X3 hee hee, just a spot of electrical tape over the “rec” light and voila! while it’s a decent microphone, i’m probably going to end up hearing the ipod do some whirring and clicking and such during the performance since it’s not an external microphone, but oh well.