#4151 – whaaaaaaaaaat?!

when i played the oboe in high school, i always would buy my reeds from oboeworks as they were very good quality and i found they needed little to no modification (not that i was the one modifying the reeds, but for me they worked well enough out of the box). they sell new and used oboes among various oboe accessories, and i’ve always been thinking of buying my oboe used from them when i’ve got the funds for one.

well, apparently, they moved from their store in arlington, virginia! this completely caught me by surprise. now they’re in new york city! or, they will be once they open up in a few more weeks. the funny thing is that when they were only an hour away i didn’t know where their store was. now that they’re in new york city, i know exactly (well, a lot more exactly now than before!) where their storefront is.