#4142 – putting the band back together

the “something else” i was looking for in my previous post was a saxophone reed… i was poking around in the basement a week or two ago and found my old saxophone and kind of was interested in maybe fiddling with it and trying to play again (i figured if i didn’t have an oboe, why not work on playing an instrument i already have right now). unfortunately, i didn’t have any old saxophone reeds in the case, so looks like i’ll have to get some of those first.

anyway, once i saw i didn’t have any reeds i figured i’d poke in my dresser and see if i had any in my random-junk drawer. unfortunately i didn’t, but i did find:

  • my tuner
  • my oboe reeds (but no oboe to play them on! :P)
  • two guitar picks (though i’ve never had a guitar but i’d be interested in learning sometime)
  • my harmonica

    so now the two fully “functional” instruments i have are my harmonica and my old recorder from 3rd grade or so. 😛 hey! but at least i can play a song on each one! i can do “when the saints go marching in” on the harmonica, and “cobwebs and strange” on the recorder!