#4128 – lolbrarian

one of my coworkers had traded shifts with me for today so they could work 7-4 and i’d work their 9-6 shift; my alarm was set for 8 am, but after hitting snooze i realized later that it was now 9:15. lucky for me there’s this new “flex time” thing at work where three times a quarter you’re allowed to be late and you make up your lateness during the week. since i showed up to work 45 minutes late, i worked for 30 minutes during my hour lunch (you can only work up to 30 minutes during your lunch) and the remaining 15 minutes after work, so even though i was 45 minutes late i only had to stay around for 15 minutes later… even though it turned into 20 minutes because of the work i was working on at the time. oh well.

after that i stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some basic eats and talked with shortieterp who had to rescue me from the self-checkout machine that tried to hold me hostage by not continuing with my purchase. rented “firewall” from the redbox with the free promo code i got, so i’ll be taking that back tomorrow (since now i’ve ripped it to watch at my leisure, hee hee!).

had some mac ‘n cheese for dinner and spent my night watching football, cruising the internets, poking at craigslist, searching out internet ladies in the local area (in related news: WHAT AM I DOING?? at the very least, i guess there’s nothing wrong with attempting small-talk about old comedy movies and their associated actors.), and have been generally hanging around tonight.

also, some researchers have nothing better to research. they might as well have said “it’s because librarians that say ‘SHUSH!’ are typical, that’s why.”