#4113 – 580ex

my throat hurts. 🙁

in nicer news, the wedding yesterday that i was photographing went pretty well photography-wise. i wished i had an external flash, and so with most of the $600 i made from the wedding i bought a 580ex, and now i want to find an event indoors that i can use to practice with it. there were some pictures i took that i wished turned out better because not even the power of RAW format could save them even though they would have been nice photos. oh well. the bishop took one of my cards, and mary (the girl getting married) took a bunch as well since her hairdresser and some other people she knows were interested in finding out more about me, heh. good thing i had these cards made up! i want to see how the ones i made on qoop turn out so i can maybe try a more professional redesign.

today i bought the flash, and afterwards went into baltimore to be in the columbus day parade with the dc metro minis club. got some neat photos while waiting for the parade to begin (haven’t loaded them on the computer yet, i was too busy working on the wedding photos), and the parade was pretty neat… us minis were goofing off and doing the entire thing as if we were driving on lombard street just zig-zagging down the entire parade route. when the street was wide enough (like this part of pratt street) we actually turned around on the one-way road so we were driving the wrong direction and then do spins and burn-outs in front of the cops, bahahaha.

afterwards we went to fells point and had lunch at the greene turtle; i was tempted to stay at the festival longer since the weather was perfect, but i didn’t know how much work i’d have to do for my class online so i came back to the apartment to work on the photos and my class assignment for the week.

tomorrow after work dad and i will be getting the couch from my grandfather’s place. bruno_boy, if you’re interested still in maybe helping out, shoot me a reply or something.