#4107 – networking

i may have to re-evaluate this idea of not being interested in dating anyone under 21. i guess it really does just depend on the girl in question. hmmmm.

so! today after work i got my stereo microphone for my ipod in the mail – now i can do soundseeing tours and one-minute vacations for people to hear! i want to get an external microphone set for this thing, though; i can’t decide if i ought to get cardioid or omnidirectional microphones, though… hrm.

anyway, after that i met up with mytinyworld and we went to o’shea’s in baltimore to meet other people involved with Ed2010, and they seemed to have a decent turnout. it was about a dozen people or so, and william and i got to talking with this girl named christine from villa julie college. william and i respectively ordered a beer and a cider, and while she was talking with us she mentioned how she wasn’t 21 so she couldn’t join in with a drink of her own. this surprised me because i would have guessed she was around 20 to 22, but nope, she was 18. huh. pretty cute, though.

anyway, at one part we were talking about how this was the first time she’s driven through baltimore and started talking about cars – she mentioned how her parents bought her the car she has now, and i mentioned how i drive a mini cooper and she said “no way! that’s what i drive!”… i showed her my car on my credit card (it’s a handy thing to have now!) and told her about the dc metro minis club and tried to give her a business card for the club and my personal card as well, but either she was on to my trickeries or she really wasn’t interested in the club and so she didn’t really look at them because she just gave the cards back to me. oh well. she showed me a picture of her mini on her phone (it looks like sk8bette‘s but without the checkered roof), and i realized that i was wearing my “i have one and you don’t” mini cooper shirt and said how it only applied to william and didn’t apply to her in this instance. we had fun talking with her, though – the three of us kept exchanging funny stories… for instance, she told us about how her father punched out john kerry about 30 years ago, bahahahaha.

after she left i ended up talking with this guy named james who does some local magazine (when he arrived to the meeting the girl who planned the event mentioned how he was looking for photographers and interns), so he and i got to talking about photography and he and i seemed to be on the same page for much of it… i explained some of my concerns about this supposed mini cooper photo licensing (which, by the way, i got another email today from this mystery-person asking if i’d be able to sign the release form and email it back to them. i still don’t even know this person’s name or the agency’s information, so i sent an email back saying i should be able to sign it and scan / email it to them, but could they tell me their name and their agency’s name and address for my records – i figured that if i could at least get their name and the agency’s information then i could call the agency to find out if this is for real because the email i got today was still from this email address), and he agreed with my ideas about not wanting to undercut my photography for the future. he also said how padding your resumé doesn’t really do any good because in this field it’s all about talent, and if you can demonstrate that you’ve got talent then the jobs will follow whether or not you’ve got an extensive resumé. he didn’t have his cards with him tonight so i gave him mine and so i may be getting an email from him in the near future if he might need my services. 🙂

came back to the apartment, watched “strange brew” since i had been listening to the bob & doug mckenzie album recently, and now it’s bedtime. tomorrow is “tv day” at work; we can dress up as a tv character and best costume wins some prize… i’m thinking of dressing up as radar from m*a*s*h*.

also also, found out about this from trpeal: vader sessions!