#4101 – what is the sound of one leg yanking?

eta: i sent them a message on flickr:


I recieved your comment regarding your interest in using some of my photography in a brochure for MINI and would be interested in hearing more details about your offer. Were there specific photos that you were interested in? Please email me at so that we can discuss this further.


Glenn Fitzpatrick

and i got this back…


Subject: RE: [Flickr] Brochure Offer

Date: October 3, 2006 6:28:41 PM EDT


hi there –

yes, here is a link to your site with the image that we would like to use.

there is no money in this, just that your image will be used in the Mini brochure and distributed nationally. would you be interested in giving us your permission to use the image?

why’d they have to make this so difficult? do i let them use that photo for no compensation other than bragging rights? do i say no and not let them use the picture since i’m actually trying to make money off of my photography now? i thought something was a little bizarre at first since their flickr username was “artbuyer2473” and they didn’t have any photos up or anything listed on their profile, so it appears as if they just made this account for messaging people on flickr. hrm. and why do they want THAT picture? and if they aren’t paying people for their images, then where does all that $25 million go? decisions, decisions.