#4092 – opportunities

they announced at work late last week that we were going to build an additional call center in huntsville, alabama to be opened in late-summer/early-fall of 2007; right now the office that i’m at is the only one that has a federal account support team, but we had been expanding like crazy the past few years. this way we’ll now have a secondary call center (in a different time zone, so we can expand the hours we’re available to the federal customers) with redundancy (we’ll be able to shut one call center down in an emergency and switch everything to the second if we ever need to). we’re still going to keep the office we have up here as the “main” federal support center, though… we are just outside of dc.

anyway, they said that they’re going to start interviewing for positions there (it’s not just going to be a federal account call center, it’s only going to have about 200 or so federal positions there at first, the other 1100-1300 positions are going to be regular customer-service stuff) in the spring. they say that when they interview they’ll be giving current employees in the federal accounts team priority over external job applicants. i’m not interested in moving down to huntsville, though – i like my big cities, higher cost-of-living and all. 😛 they said that they wouldn’t expect people who transfer down there to have their pay docked, so for people who do want to transfer down there it’s a pretty good deal to keep their current pay with a lower cost of living. they’re not sure yet, though, but they might also be able to send down people from our headquarters to help set up the call center which might be pretty neat do help out with.

we also got notice today that we’ve been approved for a long-term incentive bonus based on the company’s performance for the next 3 years. i’m set to get one in spring 2007 and summer 2008, and now fall 2009.

after my associate director stopped by my desk today to admire my print of manhattan i got two emails:

:: 1980 Photo?

Hi, I’d like to use your 1980 all over again photo for a post on about Phillies fans at RFK. It fits the topic perfectly, what do you say?


Andrew Wiseman


:: Re: Your Phillies – Nationals Photographs

Hi globalglenn,

This is Calder from

NowPublic is a non-commercial, public news service that uses stories and footage from non news sources.

It would be great if we could use your photos for a few stories that have been sent in. Would you be interested in sharing them with our members? If so please click on the

link below:

[[ link to their site ]]

Thanks very much for your time and if you have any questions or run into any problems please feel free to email me at

Many thanks


Manager, Contributor Relations

now, i’m always surprised that i get these requests in a kind of “why are they asking me?” kind of way. i haven’t yet decided if i’m going to allow them to use my images yet or not. then again, i do enjoy photography and seeing what i’m capable of. on a whim i looked at the job listings in the dc area for “photography”, and this came up:

Intern- Photo Editing/Still Shooting

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive

RESPONSIBILITIES will include (but not limited to):

  • Assist in photo production


  • Display mastery of still digital photography
  • Coursework or field experience in photojournalism or documentary photography
  • Ability to gather accurate caption information
  • Proficient in Photoshop CS
  • Working knowledge of iView Media Pro or other photo management software
  • Proficient in Mac and PC platforms
  • Preference to those with general HTML knowledge

    Must provide resume and portfolio

  • …it’s tempting, and doing news photography would be something that i’d really like to explore, but the issue then becomes:

  • it’s an internship, so it probably wouldn’t be paying much (i’d need to be making about what i make now)
  • it’s an internship, so probably little-to-no benefits (my work pays for my tuition right now, and i’ve got healthcare / dental / vision benefits too)
  • i’d be giving up those long-term incentives i previously mentioned