#4072 – dawn lights the early morning

woke up this morning about 30 minutes before my alarm clock was supposed to go off, so i went back to sleep. woke up again right when my alarm clock went off, and i thought i hit the snooze button before falling back asleep and having a weird dream:

i dreamt that i was trying to catch the dc metro’s red line, and though i saw the subway train in the station i somehow knew if i tried to go down the escalator that it would leave before i could get to it, so i vaulted over the railing and shimmied down a lamppost. don’t know where i ended up getting off the subway, but i ended up at some area outside that was temporarily fenced-in with chain link fencing, and i was sitting on a ledge toward the back of the fenced-in area while an old information systems professor of mine was teaching a religion class. for some reason or another i had a letter from mouse_the_drunk about him being in amsterdam and i spent this class transcribing it, except instead of writing the letters i just penned on the page the outlines of the letters, making an inverse of the page. there was some girl sitting next to me (who looked a lot like the girl in the background in this photo) who wanted to take a picture of me with this little disposable camera she had. unfortunately for me my professor saw her trying to take a picture of me and came on over, and while i was distracted with the camera my professor found the paper i was copying and said how i wasn’t doing well in her class and so she made me move to a desk up front. then for some reason someone started playing a record with the song “three on the trail” by riders in the sky and i figured that if this was all that this religion class was going to be like then i might as well wake up.

good thing i did, too, since i woke up 5 minutes before i was supposed to leave and still needed a shower!