#4065 – slugs 'n kisses

CCRG Championship Bout  029.jpg

WOW. the mobtown mods took 3rd place from the junkyard dolls, and though i wish that speed regime won the championships (my hierarchy for team-rooting using “greater-than” symbols goes mobtown mods > speed regime > night terrors > junkyard dolls) i’m happy for the night terrors – that was the BEST ending to a championship game EVAR:

1 minute left to play…

night terrors trailing the (undefeated) speed regime by 6 points…

jam goes for the full minute without a lead jammer…

jam ends with speed regime gaining 2 points (putting them ahead by 8 points total)…

…but the night terrors rack up 10 points to win the championships!

seriously, people were all standing and jumping and cheering and shouting during the end of that match. i never knew people could get so worked up over roller derby, but it was still very awesome.


  1. Just for the record, the last jam went 2 minutes — you’re right, there was only a minute left when it started, but in CCRG we handle the game clock the same way it works in football… the last “play” doesn’t end when game time expires, but when the 2-minute jam clock expires or the lead jammer calls it off. Since there was no lead jammer on that one, it ran the full 2.

    I just wanted to make that clear, because that rule has never mattered more than it did on Sunday! Hopefully next season we’ll have a real scoreboard with a visible jam clock and game clock… that would make me so happy.

    • ahhh, gotcha! that makes sense! i was watching the video of the last jam and was wondering why the jam was still going once a minute had passed.

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