#4063 – long story short

went to capitol hill to meet with a bunch of other mini cooper friends of mine; had some pints of cider at “the ugly mug” and helped myself to some of their leftover mini burgers.

after everyone cleared out, i figured i’d check out adams morgan since i’d heard a lot about it but never had been there. went there, per my coworker kendrick’s advice i checked out “heaven and hell” club, but that wasn’t exactly happenin’ – i sat in there with my red bull & vodka and watched “three’s company” on tv. wtf. left there, went next door to some place i forget the name of, and while drinking my booze these two girls started dancing with the music there. the music changed to “pour some sugar on me” so i joined in with them and they cracked up and bought me a shot. i started talking a bit with this one girl (lisa); she asked me why i had my camera with me and asked if i was a reporter, and i told her i was an amateur photographer and gave her my card with my email address and phone number. after a while she and her friends went outside but returned inside for more. talked with her more, and when we were all leaving i helped her friends find out where she had gone. took the metro back to glenmont and drove back home.