#4062 – go go gusto!


Greetings Glenn-

Thanks for your reply, the $75 fee for the photo fits perfectly within my budget!

At this point I’d going to use a screen-capture of your image from the flicker webpage to create a mini-version of the montage to show my client and get their approval. (Please be patient as this approval process may take a month or so.)

After the client has finally approved the montage including your photo, I will contact you again to get your mailing address for your $75 check and then ask you to email me the original (high-resolution) image. I will make the final montage using that image. There is nothing else you need to do.

When the project is completed, I’ll also gladly send you a small jpg of the montage.

Thanks for all your help and patience!

Alex Granado

Brightwater Design, Inc.

glad i decided to ask for $75!

…i wonder if he knows he can just click “all sizes” above the image in order to download the original? hmm.

i think i’m going to charge $50 for my coworkers wanting 20″x30″ prints of manhattan.