#4057 – east wests all around!

happy birthday to bruno_boy (even though he hasn’t been online recently for me to pester him, that slacker)!

i sold my ol’ ipod today to my coworker pal kendrick. the spider-man saga is over!

i think i’m going to ask for either $15 or $20 to license my photo; istockphoto (i had considered putting some pictures up there before, but decided against it as too many requirements were needed for uploading there) has it ranging for $10 – $20 for about what this picture would be, so that seems like a fair price. going to finish some stuff here at the apartment then head on back to the house to check out my photos i ordered prints of from mtts and then i’ll have to drive dad to leisure world so he can get the family’s saturn from grandmother and grandaddy’s place there.

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