#4056 – slow decent into madness

this morning immediately after i woke up at 6 am i thought my alarm clock was talking to me as if it were my personal secretary, wondering why i didn’t keep my appointment with miss 5:45am. i’ve never felt more confused upon waking up since back when i had mono and thought a zeppelin was landing on top of my house.

i think i’ll set my alarm for 5:45 am and see what happens tomorrow, other than me being tired. 😛

i also need to figure out how much i’d charge for this:

The world's largest baseball bat

i mean, how much would you charge for something like that if someone told you something like this…

Greetings –

My name is Alex Granado, and I am a graphic designer with Brightwater Design, Inc, in California. I am working on a project to create wall displays for my client with offices in several cities around the country. These displays are photo montages depicting important sites of the local area.

My current city is Louisville, and while looking for photos on the web, I found your image: ‘The world’s largest baseball bat’ on the page:

I would like to include it in my montage and want to know if you would be willing to sell the image. If so, how much would it cost?

You will retain all copyrights to the photo and only one display is made for each city. Also, I still need to get full approval from my client before purchasing the photo, so any information you can provide now will be very helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email the owner of our firm, Lois Brightwater or myself. Our phone and email address are listed below.


Alex Granado

i’m still surprised about the whole thing! i wish i could charge something exorbitant as i could use the money, but i can’t quite charge a bazillion dollars for it. hrm.


  1. i’d say try $20-25 is a conservative price for the raw, $10 for an 800×600 if you want to do thaht. you could also look on stock image sites and see how much they charge, but i think somewhere around that price range (but a little higher) is the best you’ll get :-/

    you could always try to aim high though, like $50 for the raw, but if that’s too high they’ll say screw it. maybe have them make you an offer first 😛

  2. Well, I’d only give him a price on the raw, enormous image, to start with. I can’t imagine why he’d want a lower resolution version at all.

    Beyond that, definently just surf the web and see what other city photographers charge for their work. Then, you know, charge about HALF of that, because you aren’t actually a professional. 😉

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