#4046 – the man who women want to be with and the men want to be

for those of you who didn’t show up for “howl at the moon 2: electric boozealoo”: SHAME ON YOU. 🙂 i am now the man who women want to be with and the men want to be – tonight, i was dancing with all these ladies (the piano-player introduced me to the crowd as austin powers), and one girl (kim) took my shirt off while up on stage and i bought her a drink afterwards and gave her my number. she’s in town from new york with a friend for the o’s / yankees games, so i told her if she needed a tour guide for around baltimore to give me a call. later, this girl (ashley) who was having a bachelorette party came up to me and asked if i’d please dance with her and wanted her picture taken with me. there were a few other girls who wanted to dance with me as well. between the girls wanting to dance with me, and the guys wanting to shake my hand or give me high-fives, all in all it was a crazy night!

my ol’ high school pal dave showed up and didn’t know where i was until i jumped up on stage and started dancing and got a picture of me running around topless, hahaha.

afterwards, feisty_fitz and her friend james and i walked over to fells point for pizza, and then i dropped her and james off in annapolis and drove back to the apartment.

tomorrow i’ll have to get my floor mats from the house, and who knows if kim will call me or not. hmm… well, at least i tried my best! 😛