#4039 – do a 180

i finally finished editing through the rest of my photos from mini takes the states (tomorrow i need to take photos of the free swag and the stuff i bought and then get everything tagged and titled/captioned appropriately online); there are so many in this set that i look at and think “HOLY CRAP, I took that?!”

what’s also kind of fun that i never really thought of until recently – cropping pictures to a 16:9 ratio… it’s as if you’re your own movie director! i found a group on flickr all for that, and though for some pictures it works out much better than others, it still gets some pretty good results.

right now it’s exporting 180 photos, and that’s going to take about an hour. no uploading of photos for me tonight!

well, ok, i guess one photo couldn’t hurt. hee hee hee! unfortunately, i forgot what her name was too! 🙁 oh well.

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  1. Fun-fact – a ton of movies that are “scope” (ie, 2:35:1, ie, WIDE widescreen) are shot using a full 4:3 frame. The picture is actually cropped down (removing image information from the top, bottom, or both) in accordance with the director’s wishes. Which isn’t to say that picture information is being lost – it’s information that was never meant to be seen anyway. Many cameras actually have a little 2:35:1 frame outlined onto the 4:3 frame so that the director can frame his shot accordingly. Often, if you were to look in the extra information on the top and bottom (as in some full screen VHS releases, in which they opened the matte to fill the screen instead of cropping the widescreen image), you’d occassionally see a boom mike or something else like that.

    Like I said, just a fun fact. Nothing really USEFUL.

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