#4037 – who was that masked man?

back from “mini takes the states”! i’ve got a LOT of photographs to edit through tomorrow, all from dc -> jersey city, my adventure around new york city at 3 am, and then jersey city -> lakeville, connecticut -> home. it was lots of fun and i think i put on about 1500-2000 miles on the mini; it’s been about that much since i got my tires put on and so that sounds about right. met some new people, met other people i knew but had never seen in person before, got a backrub from a maxim magazine model, and was recognized by one person for my photography on flickr.

and speaking of recognizing someone, put your thinking caps on, this is your advance warning that tomorrow i’m going to see if i can have you all help me see if you recognize certain somebodies… feisty_fitz knows what i’m talking about; i’ll post the pictures tomorrow once i’ve edited them. if they’re just random drunks, then that’s what i get for wandering new york city at 3 am.

time for z’s.