#4035 – virginia is for lovers

still haven’t written up about my last few adventures (atlanta and/or louisiana) on my globalglenn site, but i have started writing about mini takes the states! read it here.

basically, so far the adventure has consisted of:

– lots of traffic getting here

– lots of rain and peril (downed trees i had to scoot under to continue on my road, zomg)

– 1/3 of a movie (“cars”… at a drive in theater!)

– getting lost and roaming around in charlottesville on an empty stomach

that’s mostly been it. the hotel manager is cool, though; his last name is “cooper”! i must be at the SUPER-SEEKRIT MINI HQ HOTEL. the official one is just to throw off those counterfeit mini coopers, that’s it!

anyway, time to get some z’s since i’ll have to wake up earlyish.