#3086 – under pressure

one thing i hate about the red line on the metro is that i start at an average subway-depth, and then it goes not-so-super-deep-but-still-so-deep-it’s-got-the-longest-escalator-in-the-western-hemisphere-deep and then it goes super-super-deep, and then you go back aboveground, and then after a few stops it goes to the highest-elevation station in the system, and then a few stops later you’re back underground! another several stations and then you’re at the second-deepest station. is it any wonder, then, that after riding the red line my ears have the most annoying pressure issues? gahh. stupid red line.

anyway, work was same ol’ same ol’. i went outside to nap in my car during lunch and after napping for 40 minutes and then eating lunch the final 20 i did not want to come back in because it was so nice outside. grr. one of my coworkers (vinessa) asked me if i had a girlfriend because she said i had this sort of vibe that i’m liked by a lot of girls, and when i said that i didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment she said “good, because girls are too much trouble” which caused idalia (a coworker of mine i used to work with back in the store) to say “nope, guys are headaches”.

after work i came back to the apartment to change before going to the washington nats vs. philadelphia phillies baseball game with dad and some people from his work. the nats won 4-3 or 4-2 or something like that, and one of dad’s coworkers had smuggled in a bottle of rum which caused another guy to say he had newfound respect for the rum-smuggler. i wore my o’s shirt since former oriole jeff conine had recently been traded from the o’s to the phillies, so i was there to root him on. i still wore my washington nationals hat, though.

tomorrow i need to work on my classwork for the week and start on some cleaning up for the weekend.

also, even though it’s been 2 months later, i’ve been debating if i ought to call samantha up to try to find something to do or someplace to go party and hang out, but then again that wouldn’t really fit with my plans of finding ladies who are of legal drinking age and not just legal age. 😛 bah.