#3082 – portfolio

i’ve been working on my site for most of the night (i had been doing some work on it a few days ago, and fixing up the photo portfolio part needed a lot of tweaking to get how i wanted it to look), but now i’ve finally got the layout 96% all set; i just need to start adding content. i’d like to think of good categories for my galleries, so i can showcase the different types of photography i do, but i still can’t decide what to have and what to call them. hrm. i only want a handful of images for each category, and i don’t want anything too specific, but i don’t want anything too broad either.

anyway, the neat thing about this layout is that i can easily update any particular part of it without needing to touch the others. yay for frames! also, the galleries and the individual image pages are automatically generated by aperture, so i just need to create the appropriate projects in aperture and tell it to export using my modified template (all i really did was change some colors around in the css document, poke at the html to straighten the arrows out a little, and borrow some of the code from the template to create the “welcome to my photo portfolio!” index page).

but yeah, my site is now almost all done, at least for this section. next step after getting the portfolio updated, update the video and workbench pages with more information.

but enough teasing, ignore the actual content that’s up on the photo portfolio site now and let me know if you see any big errors on this site in your web browser if you can? i’ve been able to try it in safari and firefox and it seems to work well enough (at least for me).

i only wish apple had their gallery templates coded to prefetch the subsequent image to speed loading times. oh well, guess that’s something to suggest to them to add!