#3079 – pete commentary

last night bruno_boy, zenmetsu and myself hung out with our old friend pete who had lived down the hall from dan and i back when we started in the dorms at umbc, and then he also got to be a roommate with dave and/or dan at some time or another as well. i had rented “v for vendetta” from redbox yesterday (i had already seen it with raistlinvassago, but i had been wanting to see it again), and since pete hadn’t seen it yet we decided to watch it.

i totally think pete should do dvd commentary tracks…

‘v’ is dying, and ‘evey’ (natalie portman) is crying and holding him close…

pete: “this scene would be more touching if he didn’t have his hair in a bowl-cut.”

‘evey’ gets her hair shaved

pete: “nooo! i have no more reason to watch this movie!”

movie ends and some soft-core porn is on tv, and there’s an old man with wiry-looking chest-hair trying to escape from under his shirt…

dave: “oh god! if this was a 3-d movie, that would be flying out of there and hitting us in our faces!”

pete: “at least it would be a good flossing!”