#???? – earthquake

woahh… it’s been a while since i had my last alcoholic drink of the night (3 hours or so), and i’m sitting here and the room isn’t spinning, but it’s more like an earthquake.

it’s really weird since i was sitting here fine for the last 30 minutes, and got up and cooked myself some eggs, and sat back down and suddenly my room started see-sawing back and forth. wtf. anyway.


  • cleaned the car
  • went into howl at the moon for my birthday party; apb_don, skwirly, ski309, zenmetsu, kat, optimus dave, mytinyworld, _dream_believer, spelchec, festive, dematha dave (along with a few other friends of his), ol’ coworker ben, and coworker kendrick showed up for cheap booze and free eats. there may have been one or two other people in there, i can’t remember. 🙁 after most everybody left when it was dematha dave, his friends, and myself left out of our group, the piano players were doing ’80s songs, so i requested “pour some sugar on me” by def leppard… they played it almost immediately after i requested it, so i ran up on stage and danced around to it while getting freaked left and right by the ladies. near the end of the song i busted out the ol’ fresh prince of bel air dance (you know, grab one leg and hop around on the other) and the crowd got a kick out of that. two guys wanted to shake my hand when i was leaving with dematha dave and his friends and they said “man, that was awesome! now go and get some pussy!” hahaha… moseyed on over to the mosaic lounge and had a red bull and vodka (there was no cover charge yet), but the place was empty and i wasn’t really feeling it by myself so i went back into howl at the moon for a few more beers. the bartender asked me if i got the numbers of any of the girls that were dancing with me earlier, but alas i didn’t. later on they played “thank god i’m a country boy” and i hopped back up on stage to hoedown it up, and a girl or two came up on stage with me again. once they played that one of the piano players said “STAY THERE!” and played “ice ice baby” (wtf, do i carry a sign around that says “this man will dance to vanilla ice”??), and once again i was dancing with a half-dozen girls up on stage and the piano player introduced me to the crowd as napoleon dynamite. 😛 hahaha…
  • came back to the apartment around 2:30-3:00 in the morning and passed out


  • the dc metro minis group was meeting at king’s dominion to hang out and ride the italian job roller coaster (it’s not as thrilling as that video on that page would have you believe, but it was still fun!); i woke up at 8 and i knew it was about a 2 hour drive, but man was i not feeling this whole getting-up-and-moving thing and wondered how i’d be riding coasters while hungover. 😛 i got up and out just before 9. there was crazy traffic at one part of 95, and so while we were supposed to meet at 11 we didn’t all get there until 12:30. met a bunch of new people – most of them were in the dcmm club, while a few girls there were with a girls’ social group that the planner of this event also had put together. after we rode on the shockwave and the hypersonic xlc, some of the girls and i were in the mood to go to the water park since we were in our bathing suits. none of the other guys there had brought their swimming gear, so they went off to ride more coasters while i hung out with sexy ladies in bikinis while ogling other sexy ladies in bikinis. i got a snootful of water when i went down one of the water tubes/slides, and when i told that to the people i was with they thought i said that “i saw snoop in the water” so i started cracking jokes about me and snoop dogg chillin’ in the tube. i also got wayyy too much sun; i was going to put suntan lotion on and thought it was in my car but it wasn’t. i also wasn’t exactly thinking straight when i woke up, either. oh, accursed boozes! anyway, after the water park, we met up for eats, i got a flag for my car from one of the guys in my group (i’ll take pictures tomorrow), and then some of the group left and myself and two other guys went on the italian job coaster. it’s fun… pretty tame (i guess you can’t do loops in a mini cooper 🙁 ), but fun. the attention to detail was great; we stood there and critiqued the mini cooper coaster-cars. after that, i headed back to the apartment.
  • saw my minis take the states gear arrived in the mail; will also have to take pictures of that, it’s some neat stuff!
  • rode out to pasadena for an ol’ coworker’s birthday party and met up with a bunch of ol’ coworkers there.

    most of that writing probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. oh well.

    i’m trying to keep in order all the things i’ve got going on for the rest of the month; my weekends are filled up for the next few weeks…

    august 12: minis by the bay run

    august 17: recognition event for work where we go to dave and buster’s

    august 19: dc metro minis breakfast at mini of towson

    august 22: baseball game (possibly with dad if he’s not on a business trip)

    august 24: baseball game (melvin mora bobblehead day)

    august 25: crab feast

    august 26: dc metro minis tubing down the potomac river

    september 2: minis take the states – leg 13 (charlottesville, va to washington, dc)

    september 3: minis take the states – leg 14 (washington, dc to jersey city, nj)

    i wish i had the time / money for a trip to the beach, though. is september 9 too late for a beach-trip?