#4034 – tie bar

spelchec mentioned flickr being able to geotag photos, but i knew about it before he mentioned it; oh well. neat thing is that if more people geotag their “minis take the states” photos, you’ll be able to see who did what and where on this map!

anyway. work was ok; nothing special. i’m getting antsy waiting for this weekend! i started reading a biography of frank zappa today at work too, and this book is excellent, i highly recommend it!

festive and i went up to towson to get my mini from the dealership; i’ll have to take it back in a week or so so they can fix my tie bar – apparently it’s not in great condition (they said it’s got some play in it), but it’s not about to fall off, either. inspection costs: approx. $375 (after i saved 10% thanks to being a member of DCMM!). costs to fix the tie bar: approx. $400, including labor and not including my discount.

the family got a new car! well, truck, actually. a big white chevy silverado. “old blue”, the old blue pickup truck, it’s kind of on its way out. in fact, dad might have given it to the dealer as part of a trade, i’m not sure. i heard him saying something about my grandfather asking about the title. anyway, this truck is big and white and much more comfortable than our old pickup truck that dad uses for his reenacting stuff, but its entertainment options leaves a bit to be desired. not even a tape player! though at least it has a radio and air conditioning which the old truck didn’t have.

tomorrow it’s going to rain. i know this because tyler knows this because i’m going to try to get my car washed and vacuumed and do some slight detailing work on it too. i also need to find a way to secure my DCMM flag to its pole at highway-speeds, and also also there’s so much stuff i need to get ready tomorrow night for leaving after work on friday. hopefully i’ll have my ez-pass by saturday so i can use it going up through new jersey!