#4032 – random words in CAPITAL LETTERS

i was poking around to see about getting people out to this new happy-hour i won at howl at the moon again (september 9, 5:30-8:00 pm if you’re interested, just let me know by september 7 if you are), and i came up with the best title for the invite i put out on facebook:

Howl at the Moon 2, Electric Boozealoo


also! MY MINI IS SO HAPPY! i am too! after work i drove to the tire place where my ol’ pal rob wilson is the manager (his dad owns a chain of these tire / repair shops in the area) so they could put the tires they ordered on my car. THESE TIRES ARE THE SHIT. except… they’re $275 EACH. that’s the bad part. rob was in the shop yesterday but he was pretty occupied with other stuff so i didn’t get a chance to say hi, and today he was in the shop and took a while to notice me, but it was pretty funny when he did – he realized that i was there the whole time yesterday and that we were asking him questions about the tires my car would need and they were putting my name and car information into a computer right next to him and he didn’t put two-and-two together until today, hahahaha. he was able to knock off $31 or so off of each of the tires, so that’s nice of him. altogether it worked out to be $1223.29 for the tires, balancing, disposal of the old tires, labor, tax, everything. but MAN OH MAN ARE THESE THE BEST TIRES EVER. they’re a smooth ride! they’re QUIET. and i’ve FINALLY GOT A TREAD AGAIN! HOORAY! i was seriously super-excited at work today about new tires. yeah, i’m a dork. festive said that for that price the tires should be gold-plated.

anyway, so after that i drove up to towson and dropped my mini off for maintenance and i’m sad because my poor mini’s never been apart from me! well, it’s the first time that i’ve taken it somewhere and left it there, not counting being in transit to somewhere else (such as a flight to england :P). poor chance, all by herself at the dealership. 🙁 it has a happy ending, though – tomorrow after work i’ll be picking it back up and it’ll be all spiffed up under the hood. hopefully i’ll be able to wash it before MTTS on friday! stupid hurricanes threatening rain… grr.

but seriously, MTTS is going to be EPIC. at least, the legs i’ll be participating in will be! just look!





EIGHT HUNDRED AND EIGHTY. that does NOT count people like me who registered for other legs but might be joining in. that can easily turn out to be 1000+ MINI COOPERS. z.o.m.g.