#4031 – getaway car

  • worked 7-4
  • drove to tire place; they’ll have to order the tires i need from the goodyear distributor in philadelphia and they’ll be here tomorrow… will go by tire place tomorrow after work to get tires put on the mini. total cost, about $1,300. runflats = $$$$$$! these are some super-awesome goodyear tires, though.
  • drove to mini of towson; scheduled a service appointment for wednesday, but due to the fact that i wouldn’t be able to get the mini there at a time that they can work on it, it’ll have to be dropped off tomorrow night after i get the tires put on. drop off mini tomorrow night, pick back up on wednesday after work. at first i thought the service charge would be $875 when i told him i was due for my “inspection 2” checkup, but he said i’m only due for my “inspection 1” checkup which is only $375. i’m going to get my brake fluid flushed too, so that’s another $125.
  • went to fedex kinko’s to mail my old camera lens
  • watched “deadwood” and then “back to the future part iii”
  • reserved a hotel room for jersey city (hopefully i’ll get a nice view! it’s apparently got some rooms with a good look on the statue of liberty!)

    BUT ZOMG NEW TIRES YAY. i’m seriously excited about not riding around on old busteds anymore. also, i was thinking this morning about how i could explain thisiseverybody and myself getting married just so i could get the free stuff in the honeymoon kit at this fancy hotel in jersey city i’ll be at:

    problem is, i’d have to explain why we don’t have wedding rings, whether or not our names are hyphenated, and i’d never be able to take my real honeymoon in a hyatt hotel. hrm.