#4026 – ukranian crab feast

know who really knows how to party? ukranians! one of my old coworkers (daria) helped put together a big all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink crab feast to raise money for the baltimore ukranian festival in two weeks, and it was so much fun! three of my coworkers both current and old (kendrick, ben, and karrie) were there as well as daria. plenty of food, beer, booze, and dancing to go around.

i’m so going to go to the ukranian festival now, that’s how much fun this was. besides, i need to buy me a bottle or two or three or more of this stuff that i can’t even remember the name of… it’s this ukranian booze that tastes like honey and it’s THE BEST BOOZE EVER. seriously! i need to stock up!

my mini cooper credit card did not arrive again today (GRR.), so my participation in the tubing down the potomac event tomorrow is looking rather unlikely. 🙁 i’m going to go to the house in the morning so that if i can borrow money for the event from there thaen i can still make the drive to the innertubing place. otherwise i’ll just stay the day at the house since there’s going to be another crab feast i’m going to be at tomorrow afternoon/evening.

i took some photos, but the lighting in the hall they had the feast in wasn’t that great (makes me want a flash even more). hopefully a few came out decent.