#4020 – 3 home runs

today dad and i went to the baseball game – one of my coworkers has season tickets that he wasn’t going to be able to use for today’s game, so i bought his two tickets from him for myself and dad, and it was a blast! the o’s won 6-3, and nick markakis hit 3 home runs by himself (not bad for a rookie!)!

our seats were behind home plate and only about 6 or 7 rows back, so it was a perfect view and i got plenty of awesome shots; i’m not going to post any here yet as they’re still uploading and i want to add some titles and notes to them once that’s complete, but i’m going to hold off on doing that until tomorrow since i should be getting to bed now.

also, do you know of the musical group “the partridge family”? i think their song “i think i love you” is really about stalking – see:

Believe me

You really don’t have to worry

I only want to make you happy

And if you say,

hey, go away, I will

But I think better still

I ought to stay around and love you

Do you think I have a case?

Let me ask you to your face:

Do you think you love me?

I think I love you!

or as thisiseverybody and i are now saying: “STALX.” anyway, this song has been driving me nuts because i’ve had it, as well as “magic moments” by perry como stuck in my head for the past few days, and i’m hating it. i was not meant to be a 50’s housewife or have to listen to 50’s housewife music for an extended period of time!

*sigh* i’ve got so much i want to get done (both online and off) and i can never seem to find the time. 🙁

eta: OH YEAH MTTS IS ON. or so you probably guessed when you saw my picture-post from earlier today. i’ve been listening to whiteroofradio podcasts about and from MTTS while at work, and this one started cracking me up like you wouldn’t believe! “WHO’S THAT PLAYING THE HARMONICA??”, indeed! they keep talking about the mini gp and I WANT IT SOO BAD. too bad there’s only 2000 of them worldwide (400 for the united states), but they were hand-assembled and super-quality checked and look completely AWESOME. even the tach looks totally wow!

ok, that’s enough car geekery for one night. i’m going to have so much stuff to catch up on tomorrow night.