#4015 – toyed with

ok, so the guy who wanted to buy my old ipod couldn’t give me all of the $200 today because he had to dress up as spiderman; apparently it was one of his kids’ 5th birthday over the weekend and her birthday wish was to see spiderman, so he said he had to rent a costume and do some stuff with ropes and string to make it look like a web in the backyard and he kept going on and on about how much the costume cost and how he didn’t expect it to cost so much to rent and et cetera et cetera. he ended up writing up a mini-contract for us that he had me sign with him saying how he was going to pay me $200 by the end of the month when we get paid, and gave me a copy of his driver’s license and his masonic lodge member’s card to prove that he really was who he says he was. the whole time i was thinking “is this really necessary??”, i mean, jeez… i’d probably see this guy around probably about every other day at work, and he is putting more effort into proving that he’s going to pay me than some people i’ve dealt with on ebay sight unseen! at one point he started saying “you can see my kids if you want to prove i had to get the costume!” and when i started telling him “no, no, that’s ok, i believe you…” he ran off to get some photos of his kids to prove to me that his kids were real. o_o later on he was able to give me $60 out of the $200 (yay gas money!) so i figured he’d done enough already and gave him the ol’ ipod. i wonder, though, if it just might have been easier and cheaper for him to just have picked up the spiderman dvd for the kid? hahaha

my other post i made while at work i had read about on the news on my phone; here’s the article. it’s really interesting, especially considering how conservative the iranians are and yet the conductor manages to sneak in some frank zappa music in the middle of his concert, hah.

after work i went to the apartment to see if my mini credit card had arrived yet… and there was a letter from mini financial services! unfortunately, it was too wimpy of an envelope to be my credit card. grumble grumble. it was, however, a letter that read something like this:

August 15, 2006

Dear Glenn Fitzpatrick,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your application for a MINI Card has been approved. Your new plastic(s) should arrive within ten (10) business days.

hrm. at least that means that i should have it by the end of the week. still, i’ve NEVER felt so toyed with in my life! 🙁 hahaha

so, since the credit card hadn’t yet arrived, i drove to the gas station and filled up my tank with the cash i got and got some milk and lunch meat and bread so i can fix sandwiches for lunch.

my camera lens sold last night for $51.01 and change, with a little bit extra paid to me for shipping; set that up to transfer to my bank account this week, and sent an email to the guy who won to let him know i’ll ship out the lens later this week.

since there’s no baseball game for the o’s tonight, i think it’s about time to find me some dinner and then get back to work on editing up my pictures from the derby.