#4012 – roller derby!

Charm City Roller Girls Playoffso what was the mystery event i was doing today? ROLLER DERBY CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS, as if i needed an excuse to practice my photography skills on girls in short skirts crashing into each other (and occasionally the crowd too). i was sitting trackside, and sometimes a girl would get clobbered and slide off the track and crash into us; one crashed into me and the people next to me, another slid towards me and stopped right in front of me, and another crashed into a guy to my right.

i had originally found out about the charm city rollergirls via this set by one of my contacts on flickr – i thought it would be pretty interesting, and then a week or so ago my old coworker paigeyiscrazey posted an announcement about their championship playoffs that they were going to have today, so i went for photo purposes and for chuckles, and let me tell you it was seriously chucklearious! lollerskates indeed.

i filled up my two 1 gig memory cards and my 256 mb memory card as well; 330 pictures, and of those there’s about 140-150 that turned out neat at first glance – i’ll have to check them more thoroughly when i actually do my editing of the photos tomorrow.

personally, i was rooting for the mobtown mods and speed regime; of these two only speed regime won (vs the junkyard dolls… the mobtown mods lost to the night terrors). oh well.

until i can edit my pictures, you can see some photos of the event here; the guy who took these was sitting immediately to my left, hah! this guy was also there tonight, apparently (i actually saw the elvis photo as it was being taken), and this guy too.

finally, i think “betty beatdown” has a flickr account… and look! it’s catching! bahahahaha