#4006 – aggravate

work was alright, not too much special there. i listened to the white roof radio podcast talking about the different events and such going on for mini takes the states and i really really hope they do something like it next year because i want to do this sort of cross-country drive with a bunch of other mini cooper owners. i mean, i’ll be joining in this year for a leg or two (or three, depending how i feel about driving up to connecticut versus going to the beach and if i can get a hotel up around nyc as well), but i think it’d be fun to go cross-country, coast-to-coast.

some random guy at work will be buying my old 40 gig ipod from me on monday; i was listening to my ipod and he came over and was looking at it…

me: err, yes?

guy: how many gigs is that ipod?

me: uh, 60… but i’ve also got a 40 gig ipod i don’t really use anymore.

guy: would you want to sell it?

me: uh… sure, i guess.

guy: how much would you sell it for?

me: uh, gee, i don’t know… $200?

guy: how about $180?

me: well, it is a 40 gig ipod…

guy: ok, $200; shake on it?

*shakes hands*

guy: monday sound good?

me: sure thing!

and that’s how i’ll be $200 richer on monday.

i was debating going to see “snakes on a plane” because i’m mostly broke at the moment, but with the ebay auction ending sunday night and this ipod sale on monday i figured i’d go. the movie was alright – hokey, but it made me jump and squirm and i do admit i covered my eyes at a few points ( 😛 ), but overall it was exactly as filmbuff said. and how about that tiffany? yes, i’m definitely all about sexy flight stewardesses, such as the one i saw on easyjet.

tomorrow am going to breakfast at mini of towson, and then baseball game with dad and feisty_fitz, yay!