#4004 – news you can use

we’ve got fox news on the tv in the cafeteria at work. a few months ago i looked up at the tv and saw a picture of a bear in a tree with the caption: “BREAKING NEWS: BEAR IN TREE”… ever since then, whenever there’s some big important worldwide event going on, i start banging on the table and exclaim “but i want to know what happened to the bear in the tree!!!”

yesterday i was thinking that if i saw that on the tv, then surely someone else out there had to have seen it! i figured if fox news didn’t mention it on their webpage anywhere as previous news that someone else was out there on the internet trying to find out what happened to the bear in the tree.

well, yesterday i finally found out!

also: karaoke.


  1. OH my god!! That made me laugh, but I think it was out of shock. Now I’m going to feel bad for the bear for the rest of the night. Oh dear oh dear. Was the bear really ok, or did he just say that? Because if the bear is honestly all right, then that was pretty hilarious.

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