#4002 – newsripper

apple fights for its right to pod-y.

there’s a lot of hullabaloo in the news about new planets; expect my views on that tomorrow.

in other news, i finally took pictures of my new mini cooper! details here.

18-55mm EFS  #3my old lens will be sold, but who knows for how much. they didn’t do the get-it-now option (grr), and right now it’s at its minimum bid of $45. things should pick up closer to the end, though. i tried to be a little artsy with the product images, and that’s the reason for my home-built flash diffuser, haha…

in upcoming events, saturday is the mini cooper breakfast in the morning, and in the afternoon is a baseball game with dad and kelly and perhaps mom and anne too. sunday’s plans are still up in the air, depending on a few things.

next saturday is tubing on the potomac with some mini owners and a bunch of girls. no plans for next sunday, as far as i remember.

saturday after that is minis take the states! sunday too! monday i may go up to connecticut, or i may do a day-trip to the beach on the way back from minis take the states.

saturday after that is a possible trip up to philadelphia with some mini owners (still debating that one), and then my second free partay at howl at the moon at 5:30.

also, tomorrow i get paid to have fun – some federal team appreciation / kickoff / who knows what is going on tomorrow, so i work from 9:30 am – 1 pm, have “lunch” from 1 – 2, and then i get free food and fun at dave & buster’s from 2:30 – 6:30 with the option of staying there if i want to after that.

why am i still up?