#3996 – the appeal

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today the family and i went to see “the appeal”, my ol’ pal matt’s latest play… he’s got his own production company run by himself, his brother, and their parents, and he writes and directs his own plays. it was very good! afterwards they did the cast/crew photos, and after debating over it for a few minutes i decided to run to the van and get my camera – i think my photos turned out pretty well considering how rushed i was to get some pictures before they stopped posing! plus, with some of my knowledge now about apertures and ISOs, i was able to try swapping lenses for the best shots.

overall i think this photo was my absolute best of the shoot. i’m going to send matt a link to the pictures when i next see him online and see if when he does his next play in the spring if i can try doing some cast/crew portraits to practice my skills more. maybe by then i’ll have a good flash and i’ll have had sufficient practice with it to help me out with picture-taking too (though i didn’t use flash for these photos).

still, i am very impressed with the talent in this play, they did a very good job. i also wish i could have bottled up this one girl in the cast and taken her home, she was cuuuute. guessing who is an excersise for the reader. 😛

afterwards, the family and i went to church, and then to this mexican restaurant on west street in annapolis (it was slightly seedy looking and i practically expected springs to be poking out of my seat in the booth, but the food was great), and then a little bit later dad and anne came with me to see what the apartment looked like now and feisty_fitz came just to see what it looked like since she hadn’t yet seen it. after they left it was deadwood, futurama, and photo editing time.

speaking of photos, i want to know what’s up with this guy greg? i thought i was the g-rizzle! at least, that’s what one of my old managers used to call me (and still does when he sees me)!

anyway, now it’s “z” time… i’m going to be tireedddd in the morning! 🙁