#3983 – 2TB of storage in a desktop is enough for anybody

zomg apple…. you. are. nuts.

but it’s not going to stop me from wanting to get one in the spring, no sir.

eta: my takes on leopard and the new apple shinys will come tomorrow. all i have to say at this time is that dashcode = hypercard evolved.

eta eta: HOLY CRAP. seeing a big ol 2″ long flying iridescent bug in your bathroom come flying at you when you open your medicine cabinet is not fun at 2 am! i didn’t have any magazines handy to roll up and swat at it with, so i put my financial particulars for retirement to early use and beat that bug senseless with it. it sure put up a hell of a fight, though! i was pounding at that thing and it did not want to go! also, i don’t care what those commercials say about citrus listerine not being something to be afraid of compared to regular listerine, this stuff burns you up sneakily after a few seconds instead of immediately. it’s not the nicest stuff in the world, and the immediate aftertaste has something to be desired. after a few minutes the aftertaste isn’t bad, though. that’s enough mouthwash snobbery for one night… next i’ll start swishing it around in a wine goblet! 😛